Our team welcomes talented and motivated colleagues.

OLTEKS company employs professionals with experience and universities graduates to get first work experience. With more experienced colleagues support we help graduates to gain and learn profession.

Full-time and distance students who wish to join our company staff have opportunity to use paid practice in factories and headquarters. Before the work start each employee signs employment contract that defines employment terms. Company uses working hours and payroll transparent system.

Company pays salary once a month.

Company uses bonuses flexible system and provides compensation for overtime. Company employees get all law benefits. Company social package includes: health insurance, annual vacation leave.


  • apparel industry education (seamstress, designer, etc.);
  • experience with clothes;
  • size charts knowledge;
  • attention to detail;
  • desire to work.

We offer:

  • company training;
  • official registration;
  • competitive salary (salary+bonus);

work schedule: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00;

employment type:  full-time